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“[Dannelle and Joanne] You have greatly reduced my fear about the process! Many thanks!”
— Conference Participant of TAA Conference Workshop: Using a Journal for Research & Writing by Dannelle Stevens and Joanne Cooper

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Participant Testimonials

“[Dannelle and Joanne] You have greatly reduced my fear about the process! Many thanks!”
— Conference Participant of TAA Conference Workshop, Using a Journal for Research & Writing by Dannelle Stevens and Joanne Cooper

“Eminently relevant and helpful! Michael opened my eyes to many of the pitfalls of publisher contracts. I will revisit my contracts and consider hiring Michael to take a closer look. I loved how Michael translated that legal info into plain English.”
— Conference Participant of TAA Conference Workshop, Contracts: The Seven Special Clauses Every Textbook Author Must Know by Michael Lennie

“Another stellar presentation! I normally do not find such consistent relevancy and quality in conference presentations. The styles of presentation may vary, but not the relevance, quality and competence. Kudos!”
— Conference Participant

“Fascinating insider's perspective.”
“Really interesting topic on pirating. Authors need to understand the publisher's side.”

— Conference Participant of TAA Conference Keynote Presentation, Education, Pirates and the Expanding Universe by Wiley's Bruce Spatz

Thank you to everyone who tweeted about the 2013 TAA Conference!

Safe travels to all of the #2013TAA attendees. We sure had fun and gained so much knowledge! See you all next year! :)

Thank you to all of our sponsors this year. #2013TAA @pearson @CengageLearning @copyrightclear @flat_world pic.twitter.com/oyswCSlpbK

We've been tweeting all day from day 2 of the #2013TAA Conference in Reno. We hope you've enjoyed the info.! @SilverLegacy

TAA first year annual membership is low as $15 (graduate students) $30 for everyone else. ROI is amazing! http://www.taaonline.net/join  #authors

Look inside your textbooks on Amazon and see how much information is available. This may also alarm you. Contact your editor if so. #2013TAA

Textbook authors, type the name of your book + free download into Google and see what happens. Are you alarmed? -Parsons #2013 #authors

TAA has MANY more resources for members. Join 6/21 or 6/22 and get FREE "Writing & Developing Your College Textbook". http://www.taaonline.net 

Copyright Alert System is no protection for us at all. June Parsons #authors #2013TAA

Wow! What a presentation from June Parsons, "The Digital Book Report." #2013TAA http://fb.me/387mMnhcu

Textbook authors: this information should be alarming to you. -Parsons #2013TAA #textbook #academic pic.twitter.com/bSQftXYR04

Yet 78% believe they will get a lower grade if they do not purchase the required text. -Parsons #2013TAA #college #textbook

Yikes, 1 in 4 college freshmen don't buy the required textbook because of price. -Parsons #2013TAA #college #academic

Wiley reporting 30% of revenue come from digital, McGraw-Hill 25%, Pearson 50%. Bowker Market Research #2013TAA

E-books account for about 20% of all books sold. BookStats study from AAP. #2013TAA

Digital Book Report 2013 with June Jamrich Parsons happening now. #2013TAA

#2013TAA attendees credit TAA and such conferences as acting as a mentor to them and help them complete projects. #academic #phd

You can't do everything well. Give yourself a break. William Weare #2013TAA

Use a spreadsheet to track your daily #writing activity. William Weare #2013TAA #timemanagement

Work for 25 min get a 5 minute break. Boice #2013TAA

"You can plan the plans, but you can't plan the outcomes." William Weare #2013TAA

Do the work you most need to do in the morning. William Weare #2013TAA

Scheduling is critical component of time management. William Weare #2013TAA

Resource: Brian Tracy, "Focal Point" #2013TAA

Editors will come and go. Don't sign because you like the editor. #mentors #authors #writing #2013TAA

Read the literature outside your discipline. Weare #2013TAA

New #authors: it's nice to have a seasoned author to ask questions and get input on your projects. They've been where you are. #2013TAA

Take a time inventory. Choose a day or 2 and track everything you do. Weare #2013TAA

Great #writing resource: Write a Journal Article in 12 Weeks, by Wendy Belcher #2013TAA

What is a mentor? Facilitates personal & professional growth in an individual by sharing knowledge & insights learned over the yrs. #2013TAA

Almost time for the Texty & McGuffey Awards luncheon! #2013TAA pic.twitter.com/6Ng6Rs8Q5a

Jeffrey Beall, presenting "A Primer on Predatory Open-Access Scholarly Publishers". Beall was featured in the New... http://fb.me/1N4CyTVQy 

Round table discussions at the #2013TAA Conference. @SilverLegacy

Predatory journals often appear legitimate and use words such as "International," "Global," and "British" in their titles. #2013TAA

Flat World Knowledge is a sponsor of the 2013 TAA Conference. Thank you for your support @flat_world :) #2013TAA

With Flat World Knowledge, you can personalize your book by adding videos. Melissa Yu @flat_world #2013TAA

Beall's list of predatory open-access scholarly journals: http://scholarlyoa.com/individual-journals/ … #2013TAA #openaccess #academic

Gold open-access model, weaknesses: research misconduct, fake peer review, disappearing publishers, preying on the innocent, & more #2013TAA

Platinum open access model: free to reader, free to author. -Beall #2013TAA

Gold open access model: free to reader, author pays for article, processing charge (APC)-sometimes up to $2,000. -Beall #2013TAA

Listening to Jeffrey Beall, http://scholarlyoa.com/ , speak about predatory open-access scholarly publishing. #2013TAA #scholar #academic

Steven Barkan and Melissa Yu's presentation "A New Textbook Model & the Power of Personalization" starting now. @flat_world #2013TAA

Have an "evergreen clause." Protect what you have created when passing it on to your successor. #SelectingASuccessor #2013TAA

With copyright, if you are confused you are starting to understand the problem. Chris Kenneally @copyrightclear #2013TAA

Name recognition is important in this field [academia]. You want it to be the author's book. -Sullivan #SelectingASuccessor #2013TAA

Thanks for all the retweets @cherimullins! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Have you ever co-authored with your son or daughter? #SelectingASuccessor #2013TAA

Copyright Clearance Center has a host of materials on #copyright on its website http://www.copyright.com  #2013TAA @copyrightclear

Limitations of copyright: First sale doctrine, which allows the sale & transfer of a physical copy. Chris Kenneally @copyrightclear #2013TAA

Release the outcome--let go. -Christopherson #SelectingASuccessor #2013TAA #textbook #authoring

Potential damages for copyright infringement include monetary damages, injunctions and criminal liability. @copyrightclear #2013TAA

Negotiate a step-down contract to cover the present and the years ahead. #SelectingASuccessor #2013TAA

Copyright adheres in any form, whether print or digital. Chris Kenneally @copyrightclear #2013TAA

Today, the facility to create any kind of media is in your pocket. Chris Kenneally @copyrightclear #2013TAA

We're tweeting from the #2013TAA Conference in Reno--day 2! Please expect a lot of tweets and great information! @SilverLegacy

Copyright notice not required, but recommended. Registration not required to display copyright symbol. Kenneally @copyrightclear #2013TAA

Public domain refers to work that is no longer protected by copyright or never was. Chris Kenneally @copyrightclear #2013TAA

Succession: contributing, then to collaborating, then to co-authoring. -Christopherson #SelectingASuccessor #2013TAA

Not copyright protected: data, contents/ingredients lists, public domain. Chris Kenneally @copyrightclear #2013TAA

Using your ancillary and lab manual authors as a proving ground for potential co-author. -Christopherson #SelectingASuccessor #2013TAA

Copyright protects: Written works, images, sound recordings, software, motion films, music sculpture, dance. @copyrightclear #2013TAA

Works-for-hire, anonymous, pseudonymous works: 95 yrs from pub or 120 yrs from creation. Chris Kenneally @copyrightclear #2013TAA

Copyright duration for works created after 1-1-78 is from moment of creation-70 yrs after author's death. Kenneally @copyrightclear #2013TAA

Sullivan suggests going to ppl that have helped w/ previous book editions to see if they would be a good fit. #SelectingASuccessor #2013TAA

Copyright is initially property of the author. Rights can be transferred in whole or in part. Chris Kenneally @copyrightclear #2013TAA

Copyright ownership is secured automatically when the work is created and fixed in a tangible form. Kenneally @copyrightclear #2013TAA

Copyright law reflects balance betwn copyright holders' exclusive rights & content users exceptions & limitations. #2013TAA @copyrightclear

Listening to Michael Sullivan present "Selecting a Successor to Write the Next Edition" #2013TAA #textbook #authors

@copyrightclear ...research content submission, rights acquisition, content delivery, & discovery & licensing. Kenneally #2013TAA

@copyrightclear serving rightsholders at every stage of the content life cycle... Christopher Kenneally #2013TAA

"Challenges of Copyright in the Digital Age" by Christopher Kenneally starts now. #2013TAA @copyrightclear

@Carla_Miller, Believe I promised to let you know about next year's conference when I found out. All I know is it will be on Boulder, CO :)

Another great breakfast from the wonderful staff at @SilverLegacy. Sponsored by @CengageLearning. pic.twitter.com/cv9p6zN3a0

Gearing up for day 2 of #2013TAA! pic.twitter.com/RALCFq9T6I

Tiffany Montgomery, @tmontgomeryrn: @TextandAcademic I've enjoyed reading the tweets from the #2013TAA Conference... keep 'em coming!

Attendees share feedback about TAA's 2013 TAA Conference in Reno: "Eminently relevant and helpful! Michael... http://fb.me/2J1s1mm64 

#contracts #workshop by Michael Lennie: "Really great information. Should be included every year." #2013TAA

"Excellent & informative! Thank you for your hard & consistent work for #authors." #amicus briefs #copyrightinfringement lawsuits #2013TAA

"Very interesting. Good to see TAA protecting authors' rights." #amicus briefs #copyrightinfringement lawsuits #2013TAA

"Another stellar presentation! I normally do not find such consistent relevancy & quality in conference presentations." Dana Loewy #2013TAA

"Getting the publisher perspective is very enlightening." Mike Sullivan #education #pirates @WileyTextbooks #2013TAA

"Fascinating insider's perspective." on #education #pirates from @WileyTextbooks Bruce Spatz #2013TAA

"Very interesting presentation! Thank you! You raised some very important Qs." Dana Loewy #textbook #pirates @WileyTextbooks #2013TAA

Feedback from attendees of the #2013TAA Conference: "Really interesting topic on pirating. Authors need to understand the publisher's side."

Feedback from attendees of the #2013TAA Conference: "Robert is fantastic. Please be sure he comes back next year!!!" #geography #textbook

Feedback from attendees of the #2013TAA Conference: "The GeoPrimer is unique to this conference--please keep it! Gives us as sense of place.

Feedback from attendees of the #2013TAA Conference: "(Robert Christopherson's GeoPrimer) was an excellent start to the conference."

Another great night of networking with attendees at the #2013TAA conference! Thanks for the great service Gary @SilverLegacy.

Do you use a journal to help your own academic writing and research? #2013TAA #phd #academic #research

Don't forget we have another networking hospitality suite tonight 5-7 p.m. sponsored by @pearson! #2013TAA #NetworkingWithAuthors

Jump-start your writing through the use of templates in your journal. #phd #journal #2013TAA pic.twitter.com/jiAdCoX9EO

Concept Maps can be used as an outline for current or future project. #academic #writing #2013TAA

Tips for clustering ideas: 1. Concept Maps help you organize your thoughts. 2. Help generate new ideas. -Stevens & Cooper #2013TAA #write

Join TAA 6/21 or 6/22 and receive a FREE copy of "Writing & Developing Your College Textbook" by Mary Ellen Lepionka. http://www.taaonline.net

Be as narrow and specific as you can with non-compete clause. #textbook #contracts Michael Lennie #2013TAA

Staggered reduction: 60% on first edition, 30% on second, 15% on 3rd and thereafter. #textbook #contract Michael Lennie #2013TAA

Want a staggered reduction, slow phase-out of royalties when you stop actively writing #textbook #contracts Michael Lennie #2013TAA

"Pub sups" - supplement prepared by the publisher, made part of package when book sold. Michael Lennie #2013TAA

Lists could involve things to do for a project or ideas about research participants or data analysis. #academic #writing #journal #2013TAA

Participants of Michael Lennie's workshop received this excellent resource as a handout. #2013TAA pic.twitter.com/SjvYwIoUot

Here's an idea: make a list. List making generates ideas and material for further development. #academic #writing #2013TAA

Free write for 15 minutes about a current or future project. If you are stuck, write about why! -Stevens & Cooper #2013TAA #academic

Fight against #textbook #contract clause requiring confidentiality of your contract. Retain right 2 share info w/ other authors. #2013TAA

67% of contracts incorporate NY law. Some contracts require authors to only bring suits in NY. Michael Lennie #2013TAA

Strike "or other" agreements--means they will have double security for earning out the advance. Each book should stand on its own. #2013TAA

Red flag word: "may". May is not shall. Shall means the publisher will do it. Michael Lennie #2013TAA

Multiple authors: have a collaboration agreement that sets out basics of what each will do, how royalties will be split. Lennie #2013TAA

Be proactive in entering into #textbook #contracts. Michael Lennie #2013TAA

Feel bad for everyone not at this meeting. You are missing extremely valuable content! #2013TAA #textbook #academic #writing

#textbook #contract red flag words "without limitation" or "sole discretion". Michael Lennie #2103TAA

Take your journal everywhere. You never know where you will be when you think of something important to remember. #2013TAA

We're live tweeting from the 2013 Text and Academic Authors Assn conf. in Reno. #2013TAA pic.twitter.com/ufeGdqLJBZ

Why journal (for academic, professional life): reflection is an important element of adult development. #2013TAA #journal #academic

Mike Kennamer, @MikeKennamer: Author/Publisher Contract Workshop at #2013TAA by Michael Lennie. @TextandAcademic Wish I had heard this 12 yr ago pic.twitter.com/C1vAFeAn2I

#textbook #contract Add language: No material changes will be made without author's consent. Michael Lennie #2013TAA

#textbook #contracts Clause on promotion: lay out what they have in mind regarding your role in marketing the book. #2013TAA

Put in #textbook #contract that says permissions should be paid within certain time period. Michael Lennie #2013TAA

Follow-up with publisher to ensure they paid the permissions. Robert Christopherson #textbook #contracts #2013TAA

"Michael Spiegler has natural, refreshing way of teaching his material." #2013TAA conference attendee.

Ruleofthumb: # of books pub. expects to sell in 1st ed. or 1st yr & get at least half of what would get in royalties if sold that #.

#textbook #contracts The author of a first edition should get an advance. How much depends on publisher interest. Michael Lennie #2013TAA

Attorney Michael Lennie sharing advice on #textbook #contract negotiations. #2013TAA pic.twitter.com/FCCdTRTv7j

Thank you @Frank_M_Carrano, @lisajamhoury, and @Regangdxy for adding our tweets to each of your 'Favorite' lists! Woot! #2013TAA
Joanne Cooper beginning the workshop "Using a Journal for Research and

Writing" (Also presenting is Dannelle... http://fb.me/D06LBeGN 

You want to strike Time is of the Essence from your #textbook #contracts. Michael Lennie #2013TAA

Time is of the essence-when a contract says a #textbook needs to be delivered by X date. Has to be delivered by that date. Lennie #2013TAA

Using a Journal for Research and Writing with Dannelle Stevens and Joanne Cooper. #2013TAA #writing #academic #journalwriting

Are university presses better off than they were 4 years ago? http://fb.me/2ezUKXE3P 

Use feedback and reinforcement in your #textbook. Michael Spiegler #2013TAA

Find writing support. Get feedback regularly and practice receiving feedback. -Rosen #2013TAA #writing #phd #writinggroup #academic

Only use cartoons or photos if they directly make a point. Michael Spiegler #2013TAA

Techniques: Humor. Incorporate funny student questions. Alan Truijllo. #2013TAA

Techniques: Transitions. New chapters, headings. #2013TAA

Write quickly, edit slowly. -Rosen #2013TAA #writing #editing #phd

Techniques: Repetition, emphasis, transitions. #2013TAA

Great #textbook pedagogy brainstorming happening in Spiegler's session. #2013TAA

Techniques: Memory aids. Pneumonics, cognition, illustrations. #2013TAA

Thanks for the retweets @creawritstuds @tmontgomeryrn & @VanessaHarbour! Have a great weekend :)

Techniques: Hook/grabber. Storytelling. #2013TAA

Techniques: Hook/grabber. Ask a question to get them curious. #2013TAA

Warm-up before each writing session: 3. Learn a new vocabulary word. Take some time using that word in a sentence, write them down. #2013TAA

@annerooney I think the POWER model is about focusing your time, trying to avoid writer's block, and being able to track that time. :)

Techniques: Modeling. Enthusiasm about subject matter is the hallmark of a good teacher. Michael Spiegler #2013TAA

Using video clips in textbooks. Incorporate QR codes to video links. Alan Truijllo. #2013TAA

We're tweeting from the #2013TAA Conference in Reno this weekend! Please expect a lot of tweets and great information! #WeStillLikeYou :)

Warming up before each writing session should last between 5-10 minutes. -Rosen #2013TAA #phd #academic #writing

Stories help with the resistance to learning. Michael Spiegler #2013TAA

Warm-up before each writing session: 2. Read about writing. For example "Revising Business Prose" by R.A. Lanham #2013TAA

Personalization of the textbook allows the student to know the author and feel less intimidated. Michael Spiegler #2013TAA

Storytelling is a compelling learning tool. People remember stories. Michael Spiegler. #2013TAA

Warm-up before each writing session. 1. Dump all of your thoughts onto the page, don't stop. Anything goes & spelling doesn't matter.

Techniques: Collaborative learning, story telling, video/audio presentation, demonstration, modeling. Michael Spiegler #2013TAA

Techniques: Writing. Have students write a letter to the editor. Karen Morris #2013TAA

Techniques: Writing. Create a wikipedia entry. #2013TAA

Thanks so much for adding our tweet to your 'Favorite' list, @sundaymcnear! Happy Friday!

AND if you share that writing log, research shows that those people are 9x more productive than those that did not keep a log. #2013TAA

Keep a writing log. Research shows those who keep a writing log are 4x more productive than those that don't. -Rosen #2013TAA

When #writing, focus only on your writing. Turn off your email, unplug your wireless router if need be. -Rosen #2013TAA #phd #academic

Need to increase your writing time? Add 1 minute of writing time to your regular writing session, one session at a time. -Rosen #2013TAA

Techniques: Active participation. Inquiry-based activity. Laura Frost #2013TAA

Michael Spiegler's discussion session grows. #2013TAA pic.twitter.com/dS7NSCOMn6

Writing is your most important academic tool. #2013TAA #academic #writing #phd

Techniques: Questioning. Make chapter headings questions. Michael Spiegler #2013TAA

Brittany Rosen explaining the POWER of Writing model. Schedule your time to write; think about what keeps you... http://fb.me/2gIlJkvSe 

Techniques: Questioning. Embed end of chapter questions within the text. #2013TAA

Techniques: Questioning. Exercises. Figures with graphic representation that relate to a question. #2013TAA

Discussion: Take the common questions that come up in class and incorporate those in the text itself. Then ask: What do you think? #2013TAA

Scheduling time to write establishes all other writing exercises: 1. key to success and productivity 2. same time every day. -Rosen #2013TAA

Techniques: Discussion. Offer speed bumps in the narrative that encourage people to ask their classmates about the topic. #2013TAA

Michael Spiegler sharing how to use techniques used in the classroom to write textbooks. #2013TAA

POWER Principles: Commit to practicing our academic writing (including obtaining feedback). Writing and productivity will improve. #2013TAA

Participants of Michael Spiegler's session. #2013TAA pic.twitter.com/GLAbSrcbJY

Michael Spiegler starting his talk on Translating Classroom Teaching into #Textbook Pedagogy. #2013TAA

POWER of Writing: Promoting Outstanding Writing for Excellence and Research Brittany Rosen #2013TAA #writing

University Michigan Press announces new author contact model, but has not yet been released. @UofMPress pic.twitter.com/9HisU9C843

11:30-1 p.m. today is lunch on your own #2013TAA More great information later this afternoon! #timetoeat #reno #explore

Mike Kennamer, @MikeKennamer: If you are a text or academic author you should be listening to this. #2013TAA @TextandAcademic pic.twitter.com/ivsm6Ddp6q

6 #author groups joined to share the $25k cost of filing an amicus brief in Google Books case. #TAA was one. #2013TAA

The Georgia case was of primary interest to TAA's #academic and scholarly authors. Stephen Gillen #2013TAA

The Kirtsaeng case was of primary interest to our textbook author members. Stephen Gillen #2013TAA

@MikeKennamer And thank you so much for tweeting! Woot! #2013TAA

Georgia e-Reserve 2009-Georgia U. system adopted a new fair use policy suggesting 10% or 1 ch. of a 10-ch. book was safely fair use #2013TAA

Ruling in favor of Kirtsaeng: Implications--ebooks not subject to 1st sale...publishers will likely stop selling to these markets. #2013TAA

Kirtsaeng vs. Wiley: TAA supported Wiley-argued import of gray market bks deprives authors of value of their work & undermines incentives.

Listening to Stephen Gillen summarizing TAA's amicus briefs in 2 important #copyright infringement lawsuits this past year. #2013TAA

#FF from Reno! @MikeKennamer @TheJohnSoares @pearson @CengageLearning @TweedEditing @drwcarter @DrHaick @flat_world @copyrightclear

Alarming: There may even be non-profits around the world supporting these piracy efforts. #2013TAA #textbooks #piracy

Thanks for adding our tweet to your 'Favorite' list, @GoBoundless! Hope you have a great weekend! #2013TAA

The new #textbook is inherently personal & customizable, discrete & recombinable, have learning objectives...Bruce Spatz #2013TAA

(cont) incremental tutorials, multiple concept presentations & ongoing improvement & replacement. Bruce Spaz #2013TAA #textbook

Regarding ebooks, it isn't a question of content quality, it's the experience. Bruce Spatz #2013TAA #education #highered #ebook

#Education is collaborative, but #learning is personal. Bruce Spatz #2013TAA

When it comes to the cost of textbooks, it's not the cost of the printing & binding... Bruce Spatz #2013TAA

(cont.) it's that only 30-40% of students benefiting from the #textbook pay for the ideas. Bruce Spatz #2013TAA

30% of book sales will be for rental #textbooks. #2013TAA

A student dream come true: a print #textbook with a Google search engine. Bruce Spatz #2013TAA

Great line Robert! TAA is a place where authors can network, collaborate, help each other along their journey.... http://fb.me/21LCpdidL 

16.8 million complaints just last month of piracy among textbooks. Bruce Spatz #2013TAA @WileyTextbooks

In the last 3 years, publisher watchdog group has issued 380,000 cease & desist orders to pirates. Bruce Spatz #2103TAA

@MikeKennamer Great picture Mike! Glad you're enjoying day one thus far! More great presentations to come :) #2013TAA

Piracy can come in the digital form as well. Not only can a print book be pirated, but an ebook can be too. #2013TAA Bruce Spatz

Response to piracy? RFID, digital product models, cost-effective local editions & elimination of pricing to market. Bruce Spatz #2013TAA

Piracy is about a fast & efficient distribution system for manufactured goods & distribution channels that became our competitors. #2013TAA

Education, Pirates, and the Expanding Universe presented by Bruce Spatz, @WileyTextbooks. #2013TAA

Piracy of textbooks come in many forms including gray market and counterfeit. #2013TAA

We'll be tweeting from the #2013TAA Conference today and tomorrow, so please expect lots of great tweets from us!

Keynote presentation with Bruce M. Spatz #2013TAA pic.twitter.com/ZaA6zo73CO

If people are questioning the value of education, than what does that say about authors and publishing? Bruce Spatz #2013TAA

Learning great facts about Reno too kick-off the #2013TAA Conference; presented by Robert Christopherson. http://fb.me/1CEM5SJdJ 

Fun fact: Reno is farther west than Los Angeles. #2013TAA

Learning all about Reno, NV from Robert Christopherson at the @SilverLegacy. #2013TAA welcome breakfast.

Thanks for the retweet @CengageLearning and the great breakfast! #2013TAA

Great breakfast to start the day and kick-off #2013TAA! Sponsored by @CengageLearning. #academic #phd

Thank you @pearson for this lovely hospitality suite! So gr8 seeing members from last year & new attendees! #2013TAA pic.twitter.com/xWoxgOWPLq

Made it! @SilverLegacy #2013TAA pic.twitter.com/hJZkT9tFYh

Overheard one of our #2013TAA attendees just now tell someone on the shuttle they enjoy coming to the TAA conf. to be with other authors...

(Cont). Often authors seem alone in the process and this is a great way to connect & it's fun. -That was great hearing all that! #2013TAA

Made a quick pit stop in Dallas; now in flight to #2013TAA! See some of you soon, and don't forget there's a hospitality suite tonight!

Just got to the gate at @mspairport, on my way to #2013TAA and the @SilverLegacy Hotel! Woot!


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